Experienced Animator

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Experienced Animator

FlexJourney is looking for an experienced animator to help our team create a professional 30-second explainer video to educate our audience about the application we are developing. We would like to be able to brainstorm the ideas we have for the animation together and would also like to hear your feedback/suggestions for the project.

Our plan is to advertise the commercial on major social media platforms, our own websites, and on other forms of digital media.

We are looking for people with professional expertise to work with us to produce an accurate and meaningful commercial that conveys our message to our audience.


  • 30 second simple-motion, limited animation explainer video using Adobe After Effects.
  • Storyboard mockup of the animation.
  • Characters/puppets must be customized/unique for this project (not stock/from a library).
  • Custom background/puppets/rigging needed.
  • FlexJourney will have exclusive full ownership of all digital creations (puppets, background, etc.).

Total Available Budget: $7,500.

For more information and to submit your portfolio, email peter.namkoong@flexjourney.com.

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