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Fabric Fundamentals Lab

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Instructor: Skye Louis
Dates: Evenings on June 4, 11, 18, and 25, 2024
Times: 6:30 – 9pm
Cost: $260, prices not subject to GST

​Experiment with the wonderful world of textile screen printing with this introduction to working with fabric! The emphasis in this class is on understanding basic analog concepts you need to know to successfully print on fabric, as well as a chance to try out interesting inks and materials in an informal space.

Using shared class screens, we will layer imagery to create printed designs on reclaimed fabric. We will coat a screen with photo emulsion and expose it using hand-drawn stencils. We will also explore paper stencils and touch on key technical considerations for printing on fabric. We will also have fun with some unusual inks and experimental processes. Participants will leave feeling excited about the possibilities of textile printing, and empowered to get started. You are also welcome to bring in a blank 100% cotton t-shirt to print with your design. Please note – digital processes will not be covered in this class.

The instructor will cover:

  • Understanding your screen, fabric and squeegee options, so that you can make informed choices.
  • Demonstration of photo emulsion coating and exposure.
  • What to consider when designing imagery for printing on textiles and specific techniques for pulling prints on fabric.
  • A chance to try out some unusual inks and experimental processes.
  • Make prints that last! How to finish and care for your textile print.
  • Q&A time.

​For more information and to register visit form.jotform.com.

​Class limited to five participants.
Adults 18+ years old.

Instructor Bio

​​Skye is a community-based printmaker and arts educator and frequently collaborates with local organizations. Skye focuses on making complex ideas and skills accessible through hands-on, interactive learning. Skye is a member of CADA’s Artist As Changemaker cohort and Alberta Printmakers.

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