Film and TV Puppetry 101

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Film and TV Puppetry 101

Introduction to Working on Camera with Puppets

Dates: February 19 and April 25, 2024
Times: 12 – 2pm MT
Location: 1420, 40 Ave. NE
Cost: $150

Puppetry is an exciting art form with endless possibilities! Get your arms up in the air and find out what goes into making magic for a television puppet show with professional puppeteers Brendan James Boyd and Reese Scott (Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock).

Participants will get to explore the style popularized by famous television series, by using a variety of puppet types to explore the possibilities, challenges and techniques used to create a convincing and captivating performance on camera.

The workshop takes place at 1420 40 Ave. NE, Bay 4. Signage with the Puppet Stuff Canada logo appears on the entrance door.

For more information and to register, visit

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