Flamenco Dance Classes

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Flamenco Dance Classes

Due to COVID-19, classes have been cancelled.

Experienced dancer, singer, and teacher Silvia Temis is offering 10 dancing classes for kids specifically working on technique, footwork, and compas.

We start April 18 until June 20, 2020, as part of the spring session!

Discovering the beautiful art of Flamenco through play, developing coordination, sense of compas or rhythm and musicality. Join us for 10 sessions of Flamenco dance and song classes for kids!

This class is suitable for kids between five and 12 years old.

Location: La Rumba Cuban Dance Company (10, 501 Cleveland Crescent SE)


  • Classes are $18 per kid (drop-in one-hour session).
  • Package of 10 classes are $150 (early bird until March 25, 2020).
  • Package of 10 classes are $158 (after March 25, 2020).

For questions and to register, email silvia.temis.flamenco@gmail.com.

To signup, visit docs.google.com.

*Minimum of six kids to run the class*
*Maximum of 15 kids to run the class*

For more information about Silvia Temis, visit silviatemis.com.

Note: If you can’t make it to all classes talk directly to me, I can give you a prorate fare.

What do you need:

  • A shape skirt, long or short
  • Long hair needs to be tied in a hair tied
  • Bottle of water

*Parents are not allowed in the classroom during class time*
*Parents will be invited to our last session to observe the class, take pictures, etc!

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