Foundations of Purpose

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Foundations of Purpose

The application deadline for this opportunity has passed.

Every leader—no matter how competent and outwardly successful—reaches a challenging point where they must pause and take stock of what matters most in life.

Some may realize their external life has come with a steep inner price—perhaps the loss of connection to something vital. Some may feel stuck in a story too small for the person they sense they can become.

Others face complex leadership challenges that require the cultivation of their own deeper capacities.

Foundations of Purpose supports participants to explore and navigate this critical leadership threshold. It is a deep, personal dive into what poet David Whyte calls, “your own truth at the centre of the image you were born with.”

Participants will tap into their own creative intelligence and explore profound personal questions to clarify the next steps on their journey. Past participants tell us that this process brings a renewed sense of meaning, energy, and purpose to their work of leading and making change in these turbulent times.

What does the Program Offer?

  • Learn and practice the arts of deep listening, expanded awareness, and skillful inquiry.
  • Engage imagination and exploration of the natural world to track the threads of the story that calls you to the next phase of your leadership journey.
  • Explore real-world applications of models of human development and the emerging science of human potential.
  • Generate new insight and possibilities using techniques drawn from the creative, expressive, and somatic arts.
  • Develop sustaining practices to align your actions and decisions with your purpose and internal commitments; quickly connect with and move from your most centered and skillful presence, and cultivate your own wholeness.

Who Should Register?

Foundations of Purpose is designed for those who yearn to bring their deepest and most creative potential to their work, and who aspire to make a unique contribution to the world. The program will have particular relevance for seasoned leaders and influencers who find themselves in transition, holding profound questions, or perhaps standing at a critical crossroads or developmental threshold.

Those who find themselves at the ‘edge’ of the stories that have sustained, defined, and empowered them will feel at home here. The program is not a good fit—and may be profoundly destabilizing—for those who want everything in their life and work to stay just the way it is.

Please note, our programs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please register early to secure a confirmation of your spot.

Funding opportunities available. To learn more, visit the program page.

Application Deadline: May 5, 2020
Program Dates: June 14 – 18, 2020

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