Free Writing and Publishing Opportunity

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Free Writing and Publishing Opportunity

One of the most transformative journeys you can take in life is immigration. It is a journey where you must reinvent yourself to adapt to new surroundings, while navigating the experience of living in two worlds. Yet, as you anchor roots in your new home, you leave a unique footprint for the better.

About the Opportunity

A free writing and publishing opportunity, funded by Calgary Arts Development for up to 25 first and second generation immigrant women.

No writing experience need. 

Just bring your stories, your curiosity and a willingness to explore…

What was it like to make Calgary, Canada your home? What have been the challenges? The unexpected highlights?

What have you learned about yourself, and the significant people in your life?

What do you hope that other Canadians see and appreciate about immigration?

This is a rare opportunity to document your stories of courage and resilience. To shine a light on the contributions of immigrant women. To leave a legacy of the multicultural fabric that weaves together our beautiful country.

The Process

Over three online sessions, we will write our stories.

Each session will offer strategies and writing techniques to inspire you, to find your unique writer’s voice, and bring your stories to life in a supportive group setting.

We will edit and proofread, and then the stories will be compiled and published.

Each participant will receive a copy of the book.

The project will culminate in a virtual celebration and a series of author talks online.

Contributing writers will also have the option of providing a bio with a link to their website/social media.

Learn more and apply at

Deadline: January 10, 2022

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