Getting to Maybe: A Systems Leadership Residency

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Getting to Maybe: A Systems Leadership Residency

The application deadline for this opportunity has passed.

What ways of being, knowing, and acting are required to risk moving towards a radically different future?

In response to the social and environmental urgency of our times, Getting to Maybe: A Systems Leadership Residency is a unique invitation for anyone working to bring about systemic change in service of a better future for humans and for all of our relations.

This intensive program supports participants to learn more about themselves and how they might positively impact systemic challenges. Getting to Maybe is simultaneously a retreat, an ongoing community, a deep dive, a set of unique tools, and a circle of learning—a place where you can explore your own potential, enhance your leadership capacity, and learn practical strategies to make real and lasting change in the world.

This Getting to Maybe residency is a renewed offering, one that builds off of the success of the month-long program offered from 2015 to 2018, but one that also intends to re-imagine this programming for the future.

A radically different future must reflect radical inclusion; to that end, we particularly welcome applications from those trusted by and innovating within and across diverse contexts, especially within BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) communities and others that are working towards an inclusive future.

What does the Program Offer?

As a participant, you will explore diverse ways of learning so that you can come to know:

  • Renewed self-awareness.
  • A deeper understanding of the systems in which you live and work.
  • The value of developing new skills to work towards complex systems change.
  • You will explore concepts on systems, complexity, and social innovation through many lenses that include Indigenous worldviews, artistic practices, and direct experience in the natural world. These various ‘ways of knowing’ will shed light on your calling as a change-maker, and help to clarify the next steps on your personal path of service.

Who Should Register?

This program will best serve individuals from any sector who have experience working for positive change on complex, systemic problems. We welcome applications from a diverse group of individuals, organizations, and communities who are working passionately for positive change, including BIPOC innovators, non-binary innovators, and innovators with disabilities experience.

Applicants should demonstrate a courageous openness to this program’s emphasis on personal development for the purpose of engaging more fully in systems change work. Facilitation of this inward journey is foundational to the program; we are working from a trauma-informed position and we welcome you to these practices with intention and support.

If you want to see significant change happen in the world, and if you sense that to go ‘forward’ you may have reached the point where you need to go ‘deeper’, we invite you to apply.

Significant Funding Available: Participants selected for this program will receive a full scholarship that covers 100% of the fees related to tuition, accommodation, meals, and applicable taxes.

Program Dates: May 19 – 31, 2020
Application Deadline: January 28, 2020

For more information or to apply, visit

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