Graffiti or Mural Artist Wanted

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Graffiti or Mural Artist Wanted

My name is Mia, I am a voice coach and I specialize is teaching confidence through singing and the mental health benefits that singing can have on ones life.

I am in the end phase of completing my studio on Dunbow road in De Winton, I have a wall behind my stage that I would love to have painted.

It is rather large and is a blank white canvas right now. It is 35 foot wide by 35 foot in length. There are two small windows which measure in at 40” x 40” each and the stage in front of the wall is 26” high and an emergency exit door and stairs is 4’6” x 29’ at the back measured into the whole measurement of 35’ x 35’.

We are preparing for our Christmas concert December 17, 2021 and I would love  to have something done before then.

I am wanting something that captures the heart of my business. I love singing, I love teaching singing and I love watching my students come in as caterpillars and leave as butterflies. I also love graffiti with positive words and because it’s behind the stage, I need something timeless and beautiful. I was looking at big bold flower wall papers. The main colors of my business are black, yellow and white but I also have the colors of the rainbow in the badge part of my logo.

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For questions email or phone 403.478.5574.

This is a paid opportunity. I also love that we could give the opportunity to art students.

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