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Graphic Recording Workshop

The 23rd Story

Date: June 7 – 8, 2024
Time: 9am – 4pm
Location: Kensington Art Supply and Instruction (120, 6999 11 St. SW)
Instructors: Joleyne Mayers-Jaekel and Sam Hester

Want to learn how to capture ideas and concepts through engaging visuals? Or maybe you’re already a doodler or a sketch noter who uses visuals as part of your note-taking process and you want to up your game? Then this graphic recording workshop is for you!

We’re Joleyne Mayers-Jaekel and Sam Hester, two local professional graphic recorders. There’s a need for more practitioners in Alberta, so join us! In this hands-on workshop you will learn techniques to visually represent information, ideas and discussions in real-time.

What to expect:

Introduction to graphic recording: No problem if you’re a beginner, we’ll start at the beginning!
Essential tools and materials: Lots of swag provided!
Basic drawing techniques and layouts: We’ll answer all your questions about the process.
Live work sessions: This is your opportunity to practice in real time and get feedback from your peers!
The business side of graphic recording: How to apply what you’ve learned!

Who should attend?
  • Graphic recorders and facilitators
  • Professionals who work in facilitation, coaching, consulting,or any field that involves leading group discussions or workshops
  • Artists and designers
  • Teachers, trainers and educators
  • Business professionals
  • Students studying various subjects, including business, communication, education, or the arts
  • Event organizers
  • Trainers and coaches
  • Anyone interested in visual communication

Graphic recording is a versatile skill that can be applied in various contexts, so this workshop welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds. It’s not limited to those with a specific expertise but can be adapted to suit the needs of different individuals and professions.

About your Workshop Hosts

Joleyne Mayers-Jaekel is the Principal of ViClarity Inc., a professional graphic recorder and aspiring lettering artist based in Calgary. She helps individuals, teams and organizations make complex information more accessible and engaging through the creation of visual representations of ideas, conversations and presentations in real time.

She is a member of the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild and has always been creative at heart!

Joleyne holds a MA in Leadership (Health) from Royal Roads University, is an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitatory and World Café Host.

For the past ten years, Sam Hester, of The 23rd Story, has worked as a graphic recorder in Calgary/Moh’kinsstsis, creating visual stories that draw upon deep listening skills, a passion for community-building… and a lot of markers.

When she’s not taking notes at live events, Sam does independent comics journalism and advocates for the graphic medicine movement.

Sam attended the Universities of Calgary and Toronto, as well as OCAD University, way back when it was still the Ontario College of Art and Design.

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