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Instructors & Performers

Green Fools is looking to add to our roster of instructors and performers.

For instructors, we need folks who have multiple juggling skills (e.g.: balls, diabolo, devil sticks, poi) and can do balancing skills, including stilt walking and unicycle.

Must be good with kids, and have a passion to teach.

Green Fools also has a significant social circus practice, which means the primary goal is not merely to teach circus arts. Rather, it’s designed to help students achieve personal and social development by nurturing their self-esteem and trust in others, teaching them social skills, inspiring them to become active citizens, and helping them to express their creativity and explore their potential.

We are looking for instructors that can teach with those values in mind. Opportunities may look like teaching camps, weekly classes for children and adults, workshops, or residencies in schools.

Weekly classes are in Calgary. Some gigs may require travel.

For performers, we are looking for folks with solo circus shows, including but not limited to juggling, magic, and clown. We are open to kids’ shows, family-friendly shows, and adult shows.

To be considered contact Rebecca Fauser, at by August 31, 2021.

For instructors please include:

  • A resume or description of your teaching experience.
  • Highlight any experience teaching children/or with social circus.
  • Video of you doing your circus skills if available.
  • If you speak any additional languages.

For performers please include:

  • A resume or description of your performing experience.
  • Video of your show/you performing if available.
  • What age groups your show is appropriate for.
  • Any special considerations (ex. can only be performed indoors, requires specific equipment, requires a certain amount of space).

If neither of these positions are a perfect fit for you, but you do circus in Alberta (or Canada) feel free to send us an email telling us about yourself. We have training opportunities and we want to continue to build our community.

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