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Casting call for Heist (Equity and Non-Equity), by Arun Lakra, directed by Haysam Kadri.

Engagement Company and Outside Dates

Vertigo Theatre (Calgary) – rehearsals begin January 9 2024; opens February 1, 2024; closes February 25, 2024.

Production Description

A fast-paced, heart-racing play about a diamond heist gone wrong. Can this band of criminals pull off the perfect robbery? Full of diamonds, guns, lasers, betrayal and a cast of characters you’ll be quoting long after you leave the theatre.

Roles to be Cast


Male-identifying age 40s

The Boss. Irish. Leader of the group, the mastermind. Charming, in a Hugh Grant, Steven Merchant kind of way. Underneath a slightly bookish, insecure persona, a fierce and determined man who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. We’re cheering for him. He kind of looks up to Ryan and is smitten by Angie who’s out of his league.


Female-identifying age 30s

The Mary-Lou. Savvy Femme Fatale, a chameleon. Feisty, sometimes vulnerable, always in control. Will not take crap from anyone. A good heart, a modern-day Robin Hood, but you don’t want to get on her bad side. She needs to look after herself. She uses her sexuality if she needs to. She’s attracted to Ryan, and Marvin is in her friend zone.


Gender non-specific age 50s

The Popeye. Big, loud, in your face. Physically imposing. Blunt. Prefers a sword to a pen. Better yet, a hammer. Unpredictable. A straight shooter. A bulldozer, with a rarely-expressed softer side. Unpredictable. A wild card. Suspicious of everyone and not afraid to call people out. We don’t trust them. They’re loyal, but don’t screw them.


Female-identifying age 25

The Geek. College student. Highly intelligent, brains of the operation. Task oriented. Lacking social awareness. No filter – may speak or snicker inappropriately sometimes. A bit of an outsider to the group.


Male-identifying age 30s – 40s

The Gilligan. Suave (not in a sleazy way), self-deprecating, easy-going. He’s got a little Ryan Reynolds in him. Equally charming to both men and women. Can sell you anything. Carries an aura of mystery about him. Loves the thrill of the ride. Even though Marvin is the Boss, in some ways, Marvin defers to him. There may be something sinister lurking under the charm. Or not.

The Spider

Male-identifying age 60s

The Target. Intimidating. Speaks and moves with intent and implicit threat. When he walks into a room, his presence is felt. He doesn’t need to raise his voice to create fear, but when he does, we tremble. There is no doubt that if you cross him, you will pay the price. He sees everything.

Audition Dates: May 10 & 12, 2023

Casting Process

Selected candidates will be provided with scenes to work from during the auditions.

Vertigo Theatre has a responsibility to create work spaces where people are comfortable in a creation process, and can be themselves in every capacity. With this in mind, we encourage submissions from those who identify as Indigenous, Black, or POC as well as 2SLGBTQIA+, Disabled/People with Disabilities and/or Neuro-Divergent people.

*If there are any potential barriers (language, disability, or any other considerations) preventing you from applying to audition, please let us know and we will work with you to find a suitable application process.

How to Submit

We would like to request a submission package consisting of:

  • Headshot
  • Resume

Please submit packages through the following link surveymonkey.com.*We will not be collecting hard copies of headshots and resumes at the audition. The auditionpanel will receive them all electronically.

Deadline for submission packages is April 28, 2023 at 11:59pm, 2023.

Local Submissions only for this casting call. 

CAEA Members will be given first priority.

For more information contact Laura Couch, Company Manager, Vertigo Theatre auditions@vertigotheatre.com.

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