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Board Members

The listing period for this opportunity has expired.

The Immigrant Council for Arts Innovation (ICAI) is currently looking board members. If you are interested in serving on an artistic fun and inclusive board, please find more information below and share with your contacts.

Position Term: Three years
Meeting Frequency: Every two months


  • Have an artistic or accounting background.
  • Have experience in board membership for a minimum of one year.


You will be expected to:

  • Support the mission, vision and values of ICAI.
  • Attend all board and committee meetings as required.
  • Commit to completing any agreed-to tasks for your role on time and to a high standard of excellence.
  • Make a contribution to the organization as significant to your profession.
  • Be active in carrying out the strategic goals of ICAI.
  • Promote the organization to your network to build a base of potential partners, donors, audience members, and supporters.
  • Attend all productions and events of ICAI as you are able.
  • Contribute to annual strategic planning processes.
  • Attend and manage fundraising and events.

To apply or for questions email with your resume.

About ICAI

ICAI is an arts council based in Calgary. Founded with the purpose of connecting newcomer artists with the existing arts community in Calgary. We strive to provide resources and information that would help newcomer artists turn their passion and creativity into thriving careers or businesses.

ICAI actively encourages diversity of expression and culture through the creation of a safe and welcoming community hub where newcomer artists feel free to express their distinct cultural identities through their arts.

What we do:

  • Provide specialized information and resources for newcomer artists.
  • Create free, inclusive and tailored networking events for newcomer artist practice.
  • Provide support for artistic growth through career and business development strategies for artistic growth.
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