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Impact Learning Coordinator

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Closing Date: Job call will be open until a suitable candidate is found

Want to do work that makes a difference?

Momentum is a community economic development organization committed to innovative approaches to poverty reduction. Momentum empowers people to develop the skills and knowledge they need to manage their finances, start their own businesses, and train for a new job. With this focus on education, entrepreneurship, and community, we provide an environment for people to reach their goals.

Be Local is an initiative of Momentum, where we believe that doing good is good for business. Be Local is Calgary’s only business network filled with entrepreneurs committed to changing the world. Every one of the members in the network are committed to growing the social and/or environmental impact of their business; to help add to the awesomeness that is Calgary.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits, and we prioritize creating an open, equitable,
inclusive, and growth-focused environment for everyone at Momentum. Check out our website to
learn more.

Momentum is an equal opportunity employer. Diverse and unique candidates are encouraged to

What you’ll be doing

You’ll be a part of a small but mighty Be Local team (three in total including you). The team is comprised of driven and passionate individuals, who believe in the power of community and reciprocity to make meaningful and sustainable change. The work is dynamic and requires high levels of innovation, creativity, flexibility, and comfort with ambiguity and paradox.

We try to bring both the head and the heart to all the work that we do. We are looking for someone who is highly relational, is a natural when it comes to connecting with and helping people feel at ease. This person also needs to be highly structured, detail-oriented, and able to create replicable processes that prioritize simplicity.

Your role

Inspirer — supporting changemakers, entrepreneurs, social venture innovators, and business leaders to make a meaningful difference in their backyard. The learning events and experiences you design and facilitate will be just what the social entrepreneurs in the network need to level up their businesses and deepen their impact.

Systems builder extraordinaire — Helping us create efficiencies that will allow us to truly scale up. This is a big year for the network and we have unabashedly high ambitions. We believe in the potential of this work and really want to move the interest of this from the fringes to mainstream; where doing good becomes the new standard in Calgary. To level up in such a grand way, we’ll need the right systems in place to make it all possible. That’s where you come in.

Key responsibility areas

You’ll be leading three main areas of our work:

Learning offerings — To help inspire and build the capacity of entrepreneurs to do more good. Examples of topics you would need to develop curriculum and facilitate workshops/programs on:

  • Guiding entrepreneurs through a process to identify impact initiatives for their business that are sustainable (which also means financially sustainable) and in alignment with the key operations of the business.
  • Steps individuals and businesses can take on their path towards truth and reconciliation.
  • The benefits of a cooperative business structure, particularly as it relates to succession planning for aging founders.
  • Assessing the learning needs and pain points of network members and curating capacity building workshops to meet those needs.

Research and impact measurement

  • Design a research and demonstration project to help network members understand the difference between paying a living wage over a minimum wage and address the barriers preventing entrepreneurs from achieving the living wage.
  • Creating systems for capturing impact goals of businesses and tracking, measuring and reporting on those goals both on an individual and collective level.

Systems development — You’ll be helping us develop, create and utilize systems to help Be Local reach even more entrepreneurs across the city. Movements start with individuals but are made possible with systems.

Who we’re looking for:

  • You’re an entrepreneur (or have strong entrepreneurial skills) — You take ownership, find the best solutions and if you don’t know the answer, you figure things out. How you approach the work isn’t necessarily something you “do”. It’s your “way of being” and how you show up in the world.
  • Strong with the socials — Social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and social venture. You get impact as it relates to business.
  • You’re a facilitation and curriculum design wizard — Very skilled at bringing people together, fostering deep dialogue and insights, and guiding people to meet learning objectives. The how is just as important as the what. Few, if any, entrepreneurs compartmentalize who they are from what they do. We aim to create spaces that allow people to be fully heard and fully seen.
  • You know business. You have a strong grasp of business concepts and fundamentals. You understand that no money = no impact.
  • Business isn’t everything — While much of the work we do is grounded and built on a foundation of business capacities, we also connect with ways of knowledge and being that complement the intellect. Indigenous wisdom, learning from the land, and listening to our bodies, to name a few. We believe we can tap into our greatest sources of innovation when we engage people’s whole selves — head and heart.
  • You geek out hard on the details — You find just as much joy in getting in the weeds as you do connecting with people. You know where to look and who to ask for inspiration. You are highly organized and love to nerd out on building systems.
  • You can navigate complexity and find comfort in the nonbinary — You understand both the symptomatic and systematic aspects of change. The graceful and elegant solution is often found somewhere in the messy middle, amidst the chaordic environment.
  • A small team of three requires courageous authenticity, open communication and at times, vulnerability. You don’t shy away from difficulty or discomfort. You say the things that need to be said, when they need to be said. And you can do so with incredible kindness and compassion.
  • You have a strong practice/commitment that anchors you — To hold space for others, you have fostered a practice that allows you to find equanimity when life gets intense — could be meditating, running, spending time in the mountains or any other countless activities. Your practice allows you to show up even when it isn’t easy or ideal. That same practice has also allowed you to connect to and trust your intuition.
  • Laughter and joy, yes please. When the right people come together and accomplish great things, these things are often present. This work requires equal parts confidence as it does humility. If you can’t laugh at yourself, this ain’t your team.
  • You’re a master of making things happen — There always is a solution, and with the right dose of creativity, it can be a fun one too. We need you to be successful with our wild goals. These goals aren’t just goals for goals’ sake. We fundamentally believe in the power of business to be a force for good in Calgary. Help us create a community of entrepreneurs where their biggest dreams and ambitions for the city are made possible through relationship and reciprocity.
  • Flow and presence are your friends — The work isn’t always easy, often times it’s challenging. But we lean in and show up because this work matters.

To apply, please provide the following:

  • Your resume
  • Instead of a cover letter, please submit one of the following:
    • Passion-project showcase — Share a project that you have completed (or are in the middle of creating), that is something you are passionate about and demonstrates your skills related to the job. Your project can be a blog, past video of you as a facilitator/guest speaker, podcast, artwork, or DIY project.
    • Mini-creative outline — Put together a rough outline for a 1-hour workshop on a topic of your choosing related to local business and community impact. This could be a 1-page lesson plan, a visual mind map, a PowerPoint presentation, or any other medium of your choosing.

Via email to

State competition number (MOM0401) in subject line of email.

Closing Date: Until a suitable candidate is found

Applicants must state salary expectations in their application.

We wish to thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

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