In Your Face: How AR can Enhance Online Theatre

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In Your Face: How AR can Enhance Online Theatre

You’ve probably seen and used Snapchat AR filters. This is a course on how to make them, specifically masks. It’s also a character class with a chance to play exactly as if you were wearing a physical mask. Well, not exactly, I mean it’s over computer, not in person.

Also, this mask is digitally mapped to your face, unlike one of those old Greek or Comedia or Noh ones which do that spooky thing of seeming like they are changing expression though they can’t. These digital masks do change expression. So that’s different. Also, it’s less sweaty than wearing a real mask. Unless you are generally a sweaty person in which case it is the usual amount.

Space is really limited so sign up now! I mean space in the class, not like space space I mean obviously the jury is still out if it’s limited or infinite, though I would bet it’s actually bafflingly infinite, just to be weird.

Facilitator Bio

Anand is an improviser, actor, playwright, director, musician, teacher & puppeteer. He has performed at Second City, Stratford, CanStage, VideoCabaret, and others. He is an accomplished film and tv performer as well as voiceover artist for video games and cartoons. You may sometimes hear him s a panelist on CBC Radio’s Because News. He is artistic director of @N@f@N@, currently creating AR digital content for live-stream under the banner of his company, [Centre for] Cardboard Dreams.

This workshop will be 120 minutes long, with an added 30 minutes for Q&A.


Tickets are $15 each. For folks who can’t make the $15 fee, discount codes are available.

  • Use code ‘5off’ for a $5 discount (ticket will be $10)
  • Use code ’10off’ for a $10 discount (ticket will be $5)

If you would like to audit this course, that is by donation.

Date: Sunday, March 7, 2021, 1:00pm MT
Location: Zoom

For more information or to obtain tickets visit

For more information about Dirty Laundry visit

To perform, participants need Snap Camera which can be downloaded by visiting To build the masks, they will need Lens Studio

**These programs use facial tracking/recognition software, therefore, participants should do their own research about their comfort level around this.

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