Indigenous Digital Art and Illustration

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Indigenous Digital Art and Illustration

We are working to increase opportunities for Indigenous artists to create public art in Calgary. The Indigenous digital artwork program was developed after studio visits with local Indigenous artists revealed a robust digital art community. This yearly project seeks to place all forms of digital work online and in print for up to one year.

This opportunity is open to Indigenous artists with all levels of experience from Treaty 7, Métis Nation of Alberta, District 5 and 6, and those currently living in or with connections to Mohkinsstis. We are inviting Indigenous artists to submit existing digital artwork and illustrations for consideration. This program offers you the chance to have your digital artwork licensed for use on, temporary publications, and public-facing artist calls and posters.

Ten artworks will be selected. They will be licensed for 12 months and may be used up to three times.

Deadline to apply is 9am MST, January 15, 2024.

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