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Interim Executive Director

We recognize that impostor syndrome and self-doubt can be significant barriers, particularly for queer, trans, non-binary, Black, Indigenous, people of color, disabled, and more. We encourage you to apply if you are excited about the vision of this opportunity and what you could contribute to the organization, even if you feel you may not hold all of the qualifications listed here.


Femme Wave is a feminist arts festival based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary), which is located in Treaty 7 territory and the traditional lands of the Blackfoot or Nitsitaapi people. Treaty 7 is also home to many Indigenous people from all across Turtle Island, including the Metis people of Region 3.

Founded in 2015, it is a collective-run nonprofit organization, which currently is led by four members on the board of directors and two former executives serving as an advisory committee. The festival takes place annually across multiple inner-city venues and has enjoyed considerable growth since its inception. You can learn more about the organization here.


Femme Wave is looking to hire one or more people to work with the board of directors and community on leading the next phase of our growth and evolution. Over the last 18 months, Femme Wave has been engaging in racial-equity learning, community conversations, and reflections on the organizational structure, vision, and value within the communities it serves.

We’re looking for creative ideas to build on what we’ve learned already, and to help plan next steps in Femme Wave’s growth. In the spirit of learning, unlearning, and evolving, we would like to structure this role as a Residency in Arts leadership, as opposed to a traditional non-profit position. Please see this description as providing more of a guideline and high level ideas. There are no completion deadlines on any of the ideas listed here, however we would like to see some traction on these initiatives over the course of the contract (six months).

In fact, the right folk(s) could come in and see that these guidelines need a complete overhaul—that, too, is okay!

Some internal priorities were identified in our 2020 community survey, which you can find here, and will guide some of the goals we would like to see implemented for the 2022 Festival, tentatively planned for mid November.

These internal priorities, ranked in order by survey respondents, are:

  • Comprehensive HR policies rooted in anti-racism and anti-oppression.
  • Ongoing anti-racism training (ongoing work).
  • Restructuring organizational model that is supportive of emergent, inclusive, and/or collective models.
  • Strategic planning (ongoing work).
  • Policies for internal and external communications.

We’re looking at a six-month term for this role initially, with the option for extension depending on what emerges as far as a work-forward plan.

Here’s a chance for you to use and develop skills related to organizing in the arts sector, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Progressive organizational policies and strategic planning rooted in anti-racism.
  • Fundraising, grant-writing, and equitable access to artist fees.
  • Community engagement and relationship-building.
  • Artistic programming reflective of community needs.
  • Accessibility and equity in the arts sector.

While it’s ideal that the person/s hired for this role have experience in the above areas, we’re approaching this as an opportunity for growth and learning for everyone involved. There will be training, mentorship, and professional development resources available as we move through this next phase together.


Femme Wave currently has a total of $24,000 to invest in this work. We invite you to share with us your ideas on how to invest this money, to work towards the focus areas above.

Here are a few examples of how the money could be allocated:

  • 1 x Arts Leader working solo on projects.
  • 1 x Arts Leader working part time, plus some part time support (in the form of an admin, or an assistant).
  • Small team working together with a flat structure, divvying out tasks and focus areas, or working collaboratively on everything together.

Let us know your ideas! Submit your proposal and let us know how you think Femme Wave can evolve to better support artists and community members.

Submission Process

We’re open to hearing from you in whatever way is most comfortable for you—here are some options:

  • Resume or a list of experiences/perspectives/training relevant to this project, and a cover letter of up to 600 words.
  • Video or audio submission, no longer than 5 minutes (don’t worry about recording quality).
  • Presentation style pitch.
  • Whatever format you choose, we want to hear about how your lived and professional experience align to the description of the work.
  • Please include a mention of your vision and approach as part of your submission.

Send your submission to with APPLICATION: Residency, Arts Leadership as the subject.

The deadline to apply is April 15, 2022.

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