Investigating the Figure

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Investigating the Figure

This opportunity has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Gesture, Block-In, and Form
Investigating the Figure with the Contemporary Classical Method with Geoffrey Klepeis

Dates: Wednesdays, 9:30 – 12:00pm
Six sessions, November 11 – December 16, 2020
Cost: $350

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This is a step-by-step drawing method that allows the artist to adeptly observe the gesture and natural characteristics of the form of the human body. This will help the artist to create a graceful and compelling structure, which is then ready for rendering form and light. The end goal is creating a dynamic, living drawing in accordance with classical principles.

Each step will be demonstrated through in-class demos, as well as explanations of the techniques and strategies. Students can then apply the knowledge drawing from a live model. Each student will receive personal guidance as they practice their understanding of these methods.

Step 1: Learning the gesture through the inner curve.
Step 2: Conceptualizing the major masses of the body by arranging corresponding blocks onto the inner curve.
Step 3: The envelope and block-in methods.
Step 4: The contour.
Step 5: Understanding the light.
Step 6: Rendering the form and the final stages of a drawing.

Supplies Needed

  • Multiple 2b pencils (Staedler or Faber Castell brands are recommended)
  • Putty eraser
  • Hard eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Large pad of drawing paper. Minimum 14” x 18”. Heavier paper, no newsprint. Medium tooth is recommended unless you have an established preference already.


  • Pencil extender (Generals or Koh-i-noor)
  • A baseball cap can be helpful to block out light from your eyes while drawing.
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