Jazz & Sonic Arts: Gather Listen Hear

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Jazz & Sonic Arts: Gather Listen Hear

Jazz and Sonic Arts engage with sound in innovative ways, using improvisation, experimentation and technology to expand sonic possibilities of music. Both are ever-evolving and diverse genres which create a powerful synergy to inspire creativity for multidimensional transcendent artistic experiences. Jazz and Sonic Arts are also catalysts for cultural dialogue, empowerment, positive societal change and ecological awareness.

This three-week program brings together early career artists from around the world to work with exciting, internationally celebrated performers, creators and mentors that have made significant contributions to artistic innovation in Jazz and Sonic Arts. The goal is to build community that feels the inspirational energy of making creative music in an immersive, inclusive and transformative learning environment.

Priorities include conversation, listening, collaboration, experimentation, innovation and fearless explorations of new sonic territories for artistic evolution and positive transformation.

This program will culminate in a four-day summit, GATHER LISTEN HEAR: an internationally significant multidisciplinary artistic gathering, suite of public events, collaborative concerts to share works in progress and deep pedagogical engagements across Indigenous Arts, Jazz & Sonic Arts, and the Walter Phillips Gallery.

This exciting program is open to national and international post-secondary students, or early career artists already at an advanced level of accomplishment and with a well-documented record of musical exploration, performance and/or creation in Jazz or Sonic Arts.

Apply online by February 14, 2024, visit banffcentre.ca/performing-arts/music.

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