Junior Architect/ Designer/ 3D Modeler

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Junior Architect/ Designer/ 3D Modeler

The New Gallery is looking for a junior architect or industrial designer or student who has proficient knowledge of Rhino 3D modeling to support one of our upcoming artists’ projects. Rhino 3D is a MUST, unfortunately modelling in alternative programs such as Sketch-Up, 3D Max, etc. is not available for this role.

The volunteer will assist the lead artist/architect with 3D modeling of Calgary Chinatown buildings for an urban research project. This is a remote opportunity with flexible volunteer hours. The artist will be using Rhino 6 and volunteers must have their own computer and access to Rhino 6 to work from. Ten to 15 building models need to be completed in total, with each building required an estimated one to three hours depending on skillset.

We are looking for a volunteer with availability starting immediately, with project completion planned for end of June 2021.

Additional Information

Base files and further details on which buildings need to be modeled will be provided by the lead artist/architect. The primary task involves modeling the geometry of buildings that resemble images from Google maps and photographs that will be shared—exact dimensions are not important; it is the overall resemblance of the building to the references provided that is important. These models will be used to generate schematic renders, so the focus is on facade detail and geometry (no interior details needed).

Basic texturing-mapping in the form of simple brick and glass texture maps, along with simple plaster colors, will also be needed. Reference textures that can be sampled will also be provided. The lead artist/architect will also provide ongoing feedback to ensure that the building model is sufficient. Each building model may consist of one to several iterations, that show the different changes the building has gone through over the last decades.

Volunteers can work on their own time, but must be available for an occasional virtual meeting to discuss feedback. An honorarium of $30 to $40 CAD per model is available to offset any costs incurred from this volunteer opportunity.

If interested, please send your CV and portfolio or relevant work samples to christina@thenewgallery.org.

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