Master Artist Mentors

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Master Artist Mentors

Become a LevellingUp (LU) master artist—and mentor the next generation of artists!

To be a LU master, you must have:

  • 20+ years of full-time dedication to your craft.
  • A unique style accompanied by an exceptional level of talent.
  • Experience with teaching workshops or mentoring artists.
  • Commercial success as evidenced by gallery representation or significant online sales.
  • Engagement with followers, fans, students, on social media or via an email subscribers list.
  • A passion for supporting growing artists.

At LevellingUp, each master artist mentors a small group of artists once per month.

  • Each group is six to eight artists (grouped by interest/skill/experience level).
  • The group meets with you once monthly for a two-hour video conference session.
  • Your monthly commitment is generally 2.5 hrs for each group you lead.

You decide what subject areas you’d like to mentor. This could be business of art, colour, and composition, growing your online presence, art critiques, marketing and branding… Whatever is your special expertise.

Each group is supported by a Navigator (facilitator), taking the burden of administration and personalities management off your shoulders.

You mentor the group for approximately six to eight months. After this, a new mentor is rotated in to support the group, and you move to a different group.

Your choice of tier and how many groups you’d like to mentor.

Compensation is $400/month CAD for every group you lead.

Ready to get started?

For more information or to apply to be an LU master, visit

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