Volunteers Wanted

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Volunteers Wanted

Are you passionate about art and mental health?

Are you wishing to give back to community and contribute with your unique talents and skills?

We want to hear from you!

LOUD Art Society is offering short term and long term volunteer opportunities for various positions.

About LOUD Art Society

LOUD (let optimism unleash dreams) Art Society is a non profit organization that enhances mental health through Art and Creativity. We offer an integration of mental health optimization, specialized therapeutic art programs and services. Now in our sixth year of operation we have impacted the lives of over 200 individuals in person and over 4,000 online audiences. We are actively seeking motivated individuals that want to advocate for mental health, art, promoting creative activities, and connecting creative professionals and therapists with communities in Calgary. We partner and collaborate with artists, art-therapists, music-therapist, and mindfulness coaches to deliver our services.

Our Mission Is: To connect and engage families, at risk youth and vulnerable individuals with art and creative activities , art-therapists and artists in order to prevent and cure anxiety, depression, self-harm, PTSD, eating disorders, and optimize mental, physical and emotional health.

Our Vision Is: To provide an easy and affordable access to art, practicing any form of creativity and art education for a creative and healthy lifestyle to as many communities as possible.

Why Volunteer with LOUD Art Society?

Highly skilled volunteers may find added benefits through volunteering:

  • Professional and portfolio experience, especially for students and young professionals (ex. marketing, web design, or counselling).
  • A chance to use and practice their skills, especially for skills that are often hobbies (ex. photography, podcasting, or coaching).
  • Added satisfaction through fulfilling a meaningful and challenging role.
  • An opportunity to use their skills for a good cause.
  • An opportunity to continue using skills, knowledge, and expertise after retirement.
  • A closer, peer relationship with the nonprofit’s staff.

For more information and to apply using the volunteer forms, visit loudartsociety.com. Apply by May 25, 2021.

For any questions regarding this opportunity, contact loudartsociety@gmail.comWe are seeking passonate indivduals to join the Loud Art Society. Apply by May 25, 2021.

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