Community Spirit Wall

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Community Spirit Wall

Sarina Homes has put up a Marda Loop Community Spirit Wall on 33rd Avenue and 15th Street to engage with the community in an effort to lift spirits during a time where uncertainty and fear are heightened due to COVID-19. Residents in the community have been thrilled to participate and share their positive thoughts and messages on the wall.

Local Artist Engagement

We are seeking local artists for this community initiative to bring this block to life. The cost of materials will be covered and an honorarium will be provided.


Now that that the wall has seen great engagement, it’s time to turn our focus to the sidewalks and trees. The vision here is to engage with local artists to find ways to symbolize how thankful we are for doctors, nurses, first responders, grocery, food bank, and shelter workers, truckers, delivery staff, cooks, cleaners, bus drivers, and restaurant employees who are keeping us fed. Of course, we want to symbolize how thankful we are for those who are staying home to stop the spread. We are extremely open to creative ideas and are excited to engage with local artists.

Contact information

For artists who would like to participate, please contact Jayne McKay by email, phone, or text at & 403.629.4296.

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