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Studio Membership

We are offering membership in our new collaborative studio space! We are looking for creative professionals who like to show your work to others, talk shop, and collaborate on projects. You want some work-life balance, but not to say work isn’t your life. It’s more that work takes over your life, and so need to set some boundaries with office hours and a studio space. You also maybe need to stop hermitting at home, and get back out into the world.

This space is a good fit for artists, designers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, writers, photographers, videographers, or people working on cool tech. This studio hub is a shared space for working alongside other creative peeps.

Provided with membership is a work cart, and a locker. Everything else is shared. You’ll have access to a kitchen, a washroom, a printer, work tables, chairs, and outdoor courtyard (please see space photos). When working in the space you can sit where you want, set up where you want, and move tables around as needed. The space is flexible to accommodate different needs and set-ups on different days. The space is kept tidy with each evening work spaces cleared with everything put away onto work cart and lockers. The space is professionally cleaned, and coffee will be provided.

The space will be shared by five professional artists/designers. Applicants for the sharing the studio will evaluated based off portfolio and fit. We are looking for professionals that are creating significant creative content, that have good skills, and are established in their work. We are looking people who are committed to their work and their professional development.

If accepted to the studio you will be able to host workshops from the space, meet with clients, have gallery shows and/ or host events. All events will occur outside of studio time (7:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday). The space also hosts markets each season, which is a good opportunity to sell work. The space is commercial so retail is permitted in the space.

Please submit your application for membership starting September 1, 2021.

We will be reviewing all applications as they come in and notifying successful applicants before the end of August.

Please send in email to your portfolio (link to website, Instagram or attached PDF) along with CV.

Applications will be reviewed and selection will be based on quality of work, skills, and experience. We are looking for people who will contribute to the culture creation of the hub and create a diverse and balanced studio space.

Membership in the space is $350 per month. Contracts are for six month periods paid monthly. Deposit is first and last month.

The space is open for co-creating everyday from 7:30am to 6:30pm on Mondays to Fridays. Other times the space might be in use for a workshop, gallery opening or event. After hours studio time can be arranged schedule permitting.

Members will need to agree to some common terms and conditions to maintaining smooth operation of the space.

In a nutshell:

  • Respect other members of the space.
  • Clean up your work area each day before leaving everything must be put away (stored in locker, cart or storage area).
  • After hours work is permitted if no events are planned.
  • Work areas are first come first serve, but be mindful to leave space for others to work too.
  • Member meetings will be held monthly.
  • Professional development, knowledge sharing, and collaboration is encouraged.
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