HackerNest Mega Tech Social

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Online. HackerNest Mega Tech Social. North America Edition

HackerNest Mega Tech Social

Attend from home (or from the beach/train/park/work)

Tech Socials are going online! Hundreds of like-minded, passionate technologists will gather (as we have over a thousand times before in dozens of cities worldwide) to chat and have a great time. Don’t miss out, join us as we explore different ways of connecting our tech nerd communities in the coming months!

First timer? Check out a sample of what to expect.

Who Should Participate?

Folks who are interested in tech. While this Mega-Tech Social – North America Edition features our (surprise, surprise!) North American communities, all are welcome, regardless of geography. Starting at 7:00pm EDT on Wednesday, July 15 2020, it is optimized for cities like Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, Montreal, NYC, Boston, Detroit, and all other points close to the time zone – Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, Dallas-Austin, Winnipeg, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, etc.

Features Of This Hackernest Tech Social

  • Reception: Where you land once you first join including tips and guidelines, etc.
  • Meet each other with chatroulette style one-on-ones; stay in touch post-event.
  • Breakout Sessions: Various smaller group discussions.
  • Expo booths for cozy conversations with sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Finally, leave exhausted from great convos with awesome people!

Details On Breakout Sessions

Tech Socials are known for enabling super chill group conversations—we’ll try emulating this with breakout sessions. Participate live (people can see and hear you) or just spectate—there’s a limit to live spots, but anyone can observe and contribute via chat. Some sessions may have moderators. Breakouts may organize by city (e.g. Toronto, NYC, Dallas, Vancouver), industry topic (e.g. future of remote work, careers, founders, AI), skill/tech (e.g. Python, Angular JS, frameworks), and in other non-salesy categories.

Online Event #Protips

  • Test your mic and speakers so your entrance is seamless!
  • Close extra windows, a lean running machine speeds things up.
  • Have bright lighting so your face is lit and you’re not lurking in shadows.
  • Tidy up – a clean, uncluttered background means fewer distractions!

Tech Socials

The fun way to connect with the—actual—tech community. Down-to-earth and friendly, you show up, make friends, hear from quality people. Easy. We’re mostly tech folk, but all nice people are welcome. HackerNest has run 1,200+ events connecting thousands upon thousands of nerds in cities all over the world.

Who you’ll Meet

H4ck3rs. Hacks. Designerds. Data scienticians. Hardware engineerds. Developers. Venture Capitalists. Venture communists. Entreprenerds. Killer robots. Sapiophiles. Social mediaphiles. Cloud network architects. Writers. Machine learning cyborgs. Artificially intelligent product managers. Accomplices.

Cost: $10

For more information, visit hopin.to/events.

Prospective Sponsors

Please email sponsor@hackernest.com to chat about connecting with our community. Tell your organization’s story, share your expertise & what you do, offer SWAG, discounts, and other cool stuff, meet talent – and give your team a fun event to look forward to.

About Us

We’ve been building volunteer-run tech communities through unpretentious social and innovation events since 2011. Ticket sales and funds support our nonprofit’s mission to continue uniting tech and developer communities.

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