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Digital Tech Intern

Digital Twins Artist

At Memory Anchor, we’re changing the way the world remembers.

Over the 60 day internship you will be tasked with projects related to our digital twins program where we are looking for an artist to add digital backgrounds and atmospheric effects to our 3D digital twins. Adding these effects will improve the atmosphere and production quality of the digital twins, further immersing the viewer into the historical sites and artifacts.

Internship Salary: $24,000 total, paid biweekly
Dates: August 3 – October 8, 2021 (approx. two months)
Start Dates: ASAP, must start before August 10, 2021

Important: This position is funded by a CICAN federal grant which requires that you are a recent graduate, under 30, and underemployed or unemployed. Underemployed means you may have a job currently but it is not within your training/degree program.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead artist on our digital twins.
  • Maintain and add to our digital twin library.
  • Make templates so colleagues at Memory Anchor can add effects and backgrounds to digital twins.
  • Make improvements to our capture process and processing.
  • Testing in augmented reality on smartphones.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • 3D creation workflows.
  • Produced for augmented reality in the past.
  • Volumetric and 3D effects.

For questions and to apply, email

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