Micro-Credential Programs

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Micro-Credential Programs

The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

Our new arts marketing and arts management micro-credential programs are open for registration! Programs begin in February 2020.

Micro-credentials are classroom-based mini-certificates, designed to customize and accelerate your professional development without the need to invest in a multi-year degree. They are the newest, fastest, and most efficient way of learning specialized topics in a continuously evolving marketplace.

We understand the importance of a work-life balance, which is why our classes run during the evenings and workshops on the weekend so you can complete a micro-credential in just under FOUR months!

We can’t wait to help you invest in your professional development in this new year, be it with a micro-credential, workshop or adult personal interest course.

For inquiries, please reach out to us at coned@auarts.ca.

Stay connected with us through our newsletter at eepurl.com.

Full micro-credential details can be found at auarts.ca.

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