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Multimedia Designer

At the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival (MLJFF), we present some of the world’s best documentaries on social and environmental justice issues that are important to us as individuals, Canadians, global citizens, and humans.

Join us for an opportunity to give back to the community, have fun, meet amazing people, and practice your professional skills!

The MLJFF is currently seeking a volunteer multimedia designer who will manage and create content for the festival’s website as well as design and edit videos in support of the festival’s communications and marketing needs for the 2021 season.


As a member of the communications committee, you will be expected to attend monthly committee meetings (approx. one hour) to plan and coordinate tasks. Outside of meetings, the time commitment varies from one to four hours per month in off season, up to 10 hours per month during the lead up to festival season (September to November).

A more detailed job description can be found in our document, Multimedia Designer.

For questions or to submit, email the volunteer coordinator at

For more information on the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival, please visit

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