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Mural Spaces

The Beltline Urban Murals Project is an award winning community-driven project to showcase art, promote tourism, improve the public realm, and build community spirit in Calgary. Now entering its fifth year, BUMP has curated a diverse portfolio of local, national and international artists who have created eye-catching, inspiring, and beautiful murals in Calgary. The project continues to expand with the 2021 BUMP Festival celebrating art, music, and community.

We believe that public art can enrich communities, create beautiful and captivating places, challenge our ideas, provoke discussion, and add beauty to the everyday.

BUMP celebrates the diversity, talent, and vibrant character of the Beltline through works of art that are thought-provoking, whimsical, awe-inspiring, creative, and powerful. We believe that art belongs in public and buildings are the best canvasses.

Since its inception in 2017, BUMP has enriched the character of the Beltline with over 50 murals that capture the imagination of residents and visitors in a celebration of the visual arts.

Currently BUMP is seeking walls and surfaces for artists to paint in August of 2021. A mural is a great way to attract attention to your building, draw more customers for your business, and to invest in your community. Murals make buildings more attractive to passersby, add character to your space, supports the creative arts and improves the environment around your property. Your building will not only be showcased on the BUMP website, but also on the social media accounts of thousands of Calgarians. People are attracted to great places, and art can make any place great.

For more information on mural opportunities and to start the process, please submit inquiries to and or visit our website at

All inquiries will be responded to at the earliest convenience.

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