Murals for Children’s Centre Playrooms

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Murals for Children’s Centre Playrooms

About The Children’s Cottage Society

The Children’s Cottage Society is dedicated to building strong, healthy children and safe, nurturing families, through prevention programs and support services. We work with families to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors as a strategy to promote child development, effective and nurturing parenting, and to support and strengthen family functioning. These efforts keep our promise to children, to help your parents keep you safe so that you can grow up to be healthy and happy.

Project Brief

The Children’s Cottage invites Calgary artists to submit proposals to create original artwork for two playrooms in the Crisis Nursery at our new Family Centre in the community of Montgomery.

The commissioned artist will be responsible for developing content and creating designs reflecting themes provided by the Children’s Cottage.

An artist may be selected for just one, or both rooms. The budget must include all supplies, creation and/or installation.

We have two rooms that require murals. Submission can be made to one or both.

  • Room 0–4: $15,000
  • Room 5–9: $22,000

For questions and submissions, email

Proposal Deadline: August 18, 2023

Please refer to the attached PDF for deadlines, information on the requirements, artists fees.

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