National Anti-Racism Fund

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National Anti-Racism Fund

One of the most important ways that the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) fights racism in Canada is through our National Anti-Racism Fund (NARF). Over the past two years, we have contributed $3.9 million to support the powerful work of over 200 organizations across Canada. We are excited to announce that we are once again accepting applications from organizations working on anti-racism events and youth initiatives in Canada to be supported by NARF 2023/24.

To learn more and apply please click on

Submitting Your Application

Go to our application portal, create a profile or use an existing profile and complete the online application form.

Attach all the required supporting documents, including:

  • Itemized budget table
  • Budget template
  • Annual financial statements
  • Sponsorship package (optional but highly encouraged)
  • Submit your application through our online portal

About the Canadian Race Relations Foundation

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is a Crown corporation committed to fighting racism in Canada. We work to strengthen the social fabric of our society by supporting, enabling and convening community groups and organizations through our grants, services and network of public, research and community partners.

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