NE Calgary Mini Gallery Exhibition

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NE Calgary Mini Gallery Exhibition

We are in search of art by artists with strong ties to northeast Calgary to be featured in outdoor mini galleries at 10 community centres throughout 2023. This exhibition will celebrate the diversity of art forms, people and cultures represented in northeast Calgary.

All art mediums are welcome. If you do small-scale visual arts, this space will lend itself nicely to your craft. However, maybe you’re a poet, a dancer, an actor, a filmmaker, a textile artist or a large-scale sculptor or painter. We encourage you to think creatively about how your art may be showcased in these spaces and present us with your ideas.

Submissions will be accepted from professional, emerging and recreational artists in all disciplines for three rounds of applications. Artworks will be selected by curators who will plan mini gallery exhibits around themes gathered from conversations with northeast community members.

Artists will be paid $960 for exhibiting their work in the mini galleries for a four-month period.

A total of 30 local artists will be chosen to exhibit their work in 2023.

Application deadline:

  • December 12, 2022
  • April 10, 2023
  • August 10, 2023

Exhibition period:

  • January – April, 2023
  • May – August, 2023
  • September – December, 2023

To apply, please email

Include the following:

  • Subject line: Mini gallery artist submission
  • Your name and contact info
  • Briefly describe your connection to northeast Calgary (Do you live, work, play in the area? Tell us how you are connected to the northeast, and which communities specifically.)
  • Tell us about the artwork you are proposing for the for the mini galleries
  • Attach photo/visual of your artwork
  • Briefly describe your vision for the mini gallery

This project is part of the northeast public art initiative that seeks to support local artists and businesses, enhance our northeast neighbourhoods and ensure art reflects the people who live in the communities where the art is located.

Find out more about this initiative at

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