Neil Simon’s Sweet Charity

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Neil Simon’s Sweet Charity

BrownCow Collective and The Honest Collective are looking for nine performers/dancers (five females, four males) for our upcoming co-production of Neil Simon’s Sweet Charity.

This production of Sweet Charity will be a condensed cast so the cast must be able to transition into multiple different characters throughout the show. It is also a relatively dance-heavy show so a background and training in jazz and ballet are an asset though not a requirement.

Since both BrownCow Collective and The Honest Collective strive to be collaborative creative spaces for emerging artists and ate non-profit organizations, we provide a profit-share to give back to our artists. This means that all proceeds made from the production after paying expenses will be equally distributed to the cast and team on the production. In addition, the production will be a partial fundraiser for the Calgary Women’s Shelter.

Rehearsal will run three times a week starting the beginning of September through till the end of October (dates and times are TBD based on availability), tech will run the week before shows and shows will be within the first two weeks of November (final performance schedule TBA).

We have attached the audition posting with further information in a PDF along with the character breakdown within the same document.

The deadline to submit is by the end of the day Wednesday, August 21, 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Ryan Maschke at and we’ll be more than happy to answer.

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