Painting Classes

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Painting Classes

For Kids and Adults

Palak StudioInk provides painting classes in Calgary for kids and adults who love to paint, but don’t know where to start.

At my studio, I am super confident in my abilities to teach the fundamentals of creativity and art. When you work with me, you connect with several workshops conducted virtually or in studio that takes you from beginner to expert in no time.

How my art class sessions work

Our art class sessions are a lot more engaging. Students gather together to explore different subjects, all the while building their technical skills and confidence in painting and sketching. I pay close attention to my student’s affinities, so if someone develops more interest in painting, I encourage lessons in that regard. This way, students discover their strong points, and work specifically to improve aspects of art they are naturally good at.

In my art classroom sessions in Calgary, students do not learn the same concepts. Everyone works at their own pace, learning concepts they are most interested in. I try to factor in the capabilities and interests of my students, encouraging them to focus more on certain art categories that fall naturally to them. I do not enforce time constraints on these lectures, and students pay per hour for as long as opening hours remain open.

How to enroll

You can choose to pay for one class; and if satisfied with this trial can pay for up to four classes. It’s important to note that four classes can be completed in one month or in two months by attending alternate classes. Full payment can be made through e-transfer or pay on appearance at my art studio.

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