Painting Supplies

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Text imposed over a photograph of painting supplies. Includes birch boards and panels, canvas, paint medium, frames, etc.

Painting Supplies

Free to an Art Student or Recent Grad

I am giving away my stock of painting supports and supplies to a post-secondary art student or recent graduate.

I made all the birch panels and canvas strainers when I was in a different mode of my art practice and I no longer need them. I would like to support a post-secondary art student or recent graduate with a donation of supplies.

To be eligible for the supplies, I would ask that:

  • You provide proof of current enrolment or recent graduation from (within the last three years) a post-secondary visual arts program.
  • You must arrange for pickup and transportation of the supplies.

A non-exhaustive list of the supplies includes:

  • Gesso
  • Painting medium
  • Raw canvas roll
  • Cradled birch panels
  • Uncradled birch boards
  • Assembled canvas strainers
  • Unassembled canvas strainers

If you are interested, would like additional photos or have any questions, please text or call Gillian at 587-438-6181.

I reserve the right to donate the supplies based on my discretion.

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