Parking Solution

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Parking Solution

Hello! If your reading this maybe you love glassblowing like the team at glass house. We are currently looking for a long term parking solution. We’re on the hunt for a fun new location for Canada’s only mobile glass studio, in Calgary. We are open to the public and bring a lot of fun and flare.

Glass House holds live demonstrations once a month, attracting 20+ people to each event (weather pending).

We require an outdoor space that is flat and our foot print is 40 x 20ft. The truck would need to be in close proximity to a building so that electrical can be hooked up.

We have all the electrical supplies including a meter to meter our own power, we need 100 amp breaker 120/240 or 120/208 single phase.

The other needs would be water and washroom and garbage access.

Bonus would be an additional rental space indoors to have a gallery/office.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone that wants to bring some theatrics to the outside of their building!

For questions and to discuss options, contact

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