Particle + Wave 2023

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Particle + Wave 2023

It’s finally here! Particle + Wave is just around the corner and we have so many different ways to offer you an opportunity to be a part of it! We want to see your incredible art — and the person behind the art too!

Show and Tell

(Sunalta Community Centre)

This space is for creators who are looking to connect with the public; the pieces exhibited here share who you are, what you do and how you do it. This exhibition space offers an opportunity to take people through your process and see your work through their eyes.

Is this the space for you?

  • Do you love being social? Those who are energized by the atmosphere of big festivals and community gatherings will love being part of this event.
  • Are your installation needs simple and adaptable? A piece that you can easily take anywhere is well suited for this space.
  • Are you a natural storyteller? We all appreciate creators who are teachers, workshop leaders, big sisters and brothers, and community volunteers. This space is made for them!
  • Does your piece have an interactive element? Whether it’s aural, visual, tactile or kinesthetic, if your piece allows the public to connect with your work in some way, it would be well suited for this space.

Creators Connect

(EMMEDIA Gallery)

This space is for creators looking to provide the media arts community with pieces that encourage respectful artistic discourse. The gallery offers an intimate environment where mutual contemplation, thoughtful inquiry, and openness to experience are valued expressions of vulnerability.

Is this the space for you?

  • Is your piece a collaboration?
  • Does your piece have a strong connection between concept and component?
  • Do you hope your piece will inspire meaningful artistic interpretation?

Daring Experiments

(EMMEDIA Black Box)

This space is for daring creators and risk takers. Complex projects and new experiments are all welcome. Show us a medium you’ve never tried before, ask for artistic input, confuse us, make us question ourselves and our reality. Bring wonder to our community!

Is this the space for you?

  • Are you the type who likes to bend the rules and push the limits in your art? How far can you take your media art practice? Take your project to the next level, and bring us along the ride.
  • Does your piece require a larger space and more complex or secured installation?
  • Are you looking to expand your practice and dabble in mediums you’ve never worked with before?
  • Pieces for this space can be tactile and/or interactive, but it isn’t necessary!

Community Zine

(Online aspect)

This space is meant for artists and art lovers to enjoy anytime, anywhere! Submit a digital artwork to be included in our P+W 2023 Community Zine. Mediums included can involve or be anything, as long as it can be viewed on a screen/online platform. This opportunity is well suited for those who have never exhibited their work before and are unsure of where or how to start.

Is this the space for you?

  • Want to get involved but can’t include physical pieces?
  • Are social gatherings not your cup of tea, but you want to contribute pieces that inspire creativity, innovation, and inspiration?
  • Want to contribute to something accessible and approachable? Size limitations for digital pieces are 1600 x 800 px.

If any of these options entice you, please apply via email to with photos/videos of your piece, a brief description and an artists statement, and let us know which space you’d like to apply for!

Deadline to submit is January 31, 2023.

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