Preamp (Short Term Residency)

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Preamp (Short Term Residency)

After initial conversations and consultations, Arts Commons is exploring different ways we may respond to the artistic needs of diverse communities and artists. We are currently accepting proposals from early to mid-career artists to develop work in its earliest stages over the course of a seven day short-term residency at Arts Commons.

This call is open to ALL forms of artistic practice, however preference will be given to works that are—or lean towards the—performative, collaborate across artistic disciplines, and challenge those involved.

The opportunity includes: use of the Engineered Air Theatre for seven days; artist fees for up to three artists; and limited technical support. Please note that artist fees use CAEA workshop scale as a reference. The residency will finish with an informal public sharing on the final day.

There are three residencies available in the 2018/19 season:

January 21 – 27, 2019
March 25 – 31, 2019
May 27 – June 2, 2019

Who is this Opportunity for: Professional artists who self-identify with a diverse community.

Arts Commons recognizes that the term ‘diverse’ is very broad, however it is used intentionally to capture the complex network and intersectional nature of the groups we aim to better serve. Those served by this initiative may self-identify with one or more of the following communities: an ethnocultural community (e.g. Asian Canadians, Indigenous nation), an ability-based community (e.g. deaf/hard-of-hearing, developmental disability), a sexual-minority/gender-variant community (e.g. queer, non-gender conforming), an age-defined community (e.g. seniors/families with young children), an artistic community (e.g. interdisciplinary performance, new media practice), and there are—of course—many others.

Arts Commons defines a professional artist as an individual who has specialized training in their artistic field, are recognized by their peers as a professional, have a history of public presentation, and are committed to devoting more time to artistic activity if financially possible. Please note that Arts Commons recognizes and values approaches to creativity and expression that originate from non-western cultural traditions, meaning that ‘specialized training’ or ‘public presentation/engagement’ of an artist does not need to originate from institutions or contexts commonly recognized within the established artistic community.

This pilot initiative aligns with Arts Commons’ commitment to creating a compassionate society through the arts, and those served by this opportunity will be asked to provide feedback on their experience. Our intent is to use feedback to assess the effectiveness of the opportunity, and determine what changes may be needed in future iterations as we continue to find ways to better support diverse communities.

Please read the attached PDF for more information.

Deadline for Proposals: November 11, 2018

Email Proposals to:
Joshua Dalledonne, Producing & Engagement Associate
Subject: ATTN: Preamp Application

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