In-Person Printmaking Workshop

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In-Person Printmaking Workshop

Silkscreen Monoprinting with Christina Krentz

Silkscreen mono printing is a fast paced printmaking technique that will keep you loose and painterly. This is a process that combines the graphic and gesture, while focusing on mark marking and the beauty of the accidents in art. This is a great technique for all kinds of artists at all levels.

If you are new to art and printmaking, or you are an experienced artist who wants to loosen up and embrace chance and staged accidents, this is a great technique that can be easily mastered and explored, with beautiful and often surprising results.

Join Christina Krentz at Alberta Printmakers this fall for this in person workshop going through the entire process of creating a silkscreen monoprint. You don’t need drawing skills, you can turn rough sketches, traced images, or drawings into abstracted pieces of art. At the end of the class you will have a full understanding, and the necessary skills, to create your own silkscreen monoprints independently and renewed energy to create!

Please come with an idea, sketch, photograph or reference material to work from. There will be plenty of time to develop this starting point into a unique piece of art!

What Will Be Covered

  • The design and planning of your monoprint.
  • The technical aspects of silkscreen mono printing from prepping the area, mixing and storing ink, the tools you need and more.
  • The instructor will share examples of things that can go wrong, and how to avoid them, or better yet, use them to your advantage.
  • The practicalities of pulling ink through the screen using a squeegee.
  • There will be time for questions and trouble shooting throughout.

Date: Sunday, October 24, 2021
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Alberta Printmakers Studio & Gallery (4025 4th St. SE)
Class size: Four
Ages: 16+
All materials provided.
Cost: $150 non members; $135 CJSW Friends; $125 members

For more information and to register, visit

About the Instructor

Christina Krentz is an oil painter and printmaker, living and working in Calgary. She approaches art with a love of experimentation and chance, with the subject matter floating between figuration and abstraction. Christina is a self-taught artist, professional photographer, and has a degree in psychology. A life long artist, with an infectious passion for art, she is a great communicator and enthusiastic teacher.

In her first career, she worked as an adult educator teaching everything from art, politics, to financial management at a community development organization. After several years she left that profession to start a photography business and make more art. She is a member of Alberta Printmakers and a founding member of an all female critique group.

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