Full-Time Producer

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Full-Time Producer

NUTV, the University of Calgary’s campus-based television station, is looking for a creative, motivational and enthusiastic producer to join our team.

We offer hands-on media training and production opportunities on our weekly video releases which are created entirely by student volunteers.

The producer position is focused on mentoring our volunteers on video productions, scheduling productions, developing new content, hosting media workshops, training volunteers in writing, editing and production and most importantly are the brains behind all of our programming and production.

The producer will work 30 hours per week for an annual salary of $52,500, with five weeks paid vacation and matching RRSP and health benefits.

This position reports directly to the producer and executive director and is expected to collaborate with all staff and volunteers.

Deadline to apply is February 9, 2022.

Please send resumes by email to ed@nutv.ca.

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