Program Manager/Curator

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Program Manager/Curator

This listing has expired.

Position Title: AFA Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX) Program Manager/Curator for Southwestern Alberta
Pre-employment Qualifications: Driver’s license, access to car/suv, proof of post-secondary education.

General Description

This position is responsible for the planning, organization and delivery of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program.

Organizational Relationship

The program manager oversees the production and distribution of travelling exhibitions in accordance to the agreement established with the Alberta Society of Artists (ASA) and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA). The program manager reports directly to the ASA.

About TREX

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX) is a government-sponsored initiative designed to promote Alberta art and artists through professionally developed exhibitions for use in schools, libraries, healthcare centres, rural institutions and galleries. The mandate is to provide all Albertans with the opportunity to enjoy visual art exhibitions in their communities.

Closing Date for Applications: January 10, 2020, 11:00pm MST
Shortlist Notification: January 13, 2020
Position Start Date: February 3, 2020
Contract Compensation: $50,500 – $55,000

Job Duties:

  • Circulate a minimum of eight exhibitions per year, with exhibitions travelling monthly, 12 months a year in Region 3, Southwestern Alberta. Co-ordinate the overall planning of the travelling exhibition service to region 3, in consultation with the AFA.
  • Keep accurate and up to date accounting of all TREX revenues and expenditures.
  • Charge an exhibition fee, per exhibition, to all venues participating in the program.
  • Ensure completion of artist contracts and payments of artist fees.
  • Provide progress and information reports on the program to the Alberta Society of Artists.
  • Gather and compile data from Region 3 venues.
  • Provide technical and qualitative advice and programming assistance to organizations/communities in Region 3 who wish to participate in the program.

Public Relations:

  • Produce and circulate informative material to existing and potential venues promoting the program.
  • Plan and carry out a promotional program in print and web media.
  • Actively encourage existing and former participating venues to continue providing exhibitions to their communities while developing new venues in communities not previously served by the program.
  • Complete documentation on all negotiations involving booking and display of material and artwork.
  • Matte and frame artwork as well as fit and pack crates to professional gallery standards, with consideration of the physical environment of venues.
  • Secure and conserve all exhibitions.
  • Follow all policies and procedures of the Alberta Society of Artists.

Necessary Training and Experience:

  • A masters degree in fine arts, art history, curatorial or museum studies, or equivalent education and experience, from an accredited education program with a specialization in a fine arts related discipline.
  • Five years of recent progressively responsible experience in an art gallery or art museum, with demonstrated success in originating art exhibits, including all facets of research, production, and publication. Knowledge of art packing, crating, framing and other preparatory skills are considered an asset.
  • Budget development and control is an essential skill.
  • Knowledge of funding agencies/organizations and experience in writing grant applications.

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