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Programming Grant

2022 Friends of Chinook Blast

Calgary will be creating a six-week midwinter festival celebration (January 21 – Feb 27, 2022) to celebrate our community, culture, the winter season, and our civic and national pride. Under the umbrella of Chinook Blast, our partners from the arts, non-profit, neighbourhoods, tourism, and sports communities will actively collaborate to create an inclusive event intended to bring pride of place, participation, and economic stimulus to Calgary.

This Friends of Chinook Blast Programming Grant serves as an opportunity to create, produce, and/or participate in Chinook Blast!

Applications will be reviewed and recommended for funding by a panel of local guest curators. Guest curators will be looking for a diversity of experiences and programming that reflect and connect to Calgarians from a wide array of backgrounds and communities.

Programming partners will be considered for funding up to a maximum of $5000 per applicant and/or a combination of marketing support.

When selecting successful applicants, the following criteria and details will be considered:

  • Does the event/program have a winter, arts, cultural, sport and/or community focus?
  • Is there a focus on supporting local artists, local athletes, local organizations, and/or businesses?
  • How affordable and accessible is the event to Calgarians and tourists?
  • Where in the city will the experience be held?
  • How engaging and experiential is it?
  • Does it encourage social in-person programming/interaction for the public?
  • Overall, does the proposed program contribute to providing a variety of opportunities for all citizens to participate?
  • Overall, does the proposed program contribute to the diversity of content that encourages variety throughout the duration of Chinook Blast?
  • Is there any collaboration between multiple communities, creating enriching experiences?

We encourage applications for events and programs organized and led by equity seeking community members.

Events and programs will demonstrate consideration of their environmental impact and footprint in the planning.

Events and programs will, at minimum, meet COVID-19 guidelines as outlined by the City of Calgary, the Government of Alberta, and Alberta Health Services.

For more information and to apply visit

Applications will be accepted until 4:00pm MT on December 3, 2021.

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