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Properties Master

StoryBook Theatre is seeking a properties master for our production of Honk! The Musical as part of our 2023–2024 Season to be Extraordianry.

StoryBook Theatre is Canada’s largest volunteer-driven theatre for families. In our almost 45 years of serving Calgary, we have fostered over one million people’s love and passion for theatre arts. Each season we bring together some of the industry’s brightest emerging talents on and off the stage to create some incredibly accessible theatre for the whole family.

StoryBook is proud to engage emerging and professional artists as part of our productions. This important dynamic provides an on-the-job learning experience for those looking to make a theatre career to those who already are. Within the production environment, many different roles require different levels of experience.

Job Overview

The Properties Master will be responsible for the design, execution and maintenance of all properties required for the production, as approved by the director and in coordination with the production team.

All emerging artists with StoryBook theatre are provided mentorship and guidance in their respective production roles based on their specific discipline and the overall production work. Working theatre professionals are engaged to support emerging artists in their work and learning while on the production. All productions are led by a production manager, artistic producer and designers are also provided access to a pool of volunteers to support tasks and, if required, paid support/assistance to fulfill the role and tasks associated.


The designer will be accountable to the artistic producer and will support in the following areas, but are not limited to:

  • Properties design
  • Purchase/Build/Rental of properties
  • Budget maintenance
  • Properties maintenance


The ideal candidates would possess many, if not all, of the qualifications listed below. StoryBook is a learning environment and is looking for a candidate willing to learn and grow:

  • 1 to 2 years of design work in properties, theatre or equivalent
  • Prior leadership experience in team management
  • Strong communications skills
  • Strong organizational skills

Ultimately, StoryBook seeks a person who fits in with the organizational mandate and is keen and passionate about our work. A candidate with the following attributes would be seen as a huge asset beyond their list of qualifications.

You are an individual who:

  • Loves live performance and has an appreciation of the importance of theatre in society/for families.
  • Reflects an optimistic and positive attitude with organizational loyalty.
  • Has the ability to work autonomously and in a team with attention to discretion and sensitivity to work involving confidential information.
  • Has a self-motivational work style that can be resilient under the changing conditions of COVID.
  • Has a genuine commitment to contributing to an internal culture that values people and provides an opportunity for everyone to flourish.
  • Has the personal stature to inspire the organization, the Board, and the stakeholders by representing the Theatre with integrity.
  • Is dedicated to the principles of equal opportunity, cultural diversity, and broadening access to the arts.
  • Is a pragmatic and effective problem-solver.

Please note that this role is made possible through the support of the Canada Summer Jobs Program and therefore we are seeking applicants under the age of 30.


Rehearsals for Honk! run from September 10 – 30, with a tech period from October 1 – 12, and performances from October 13 – November 4. The properties master is not required to attend rehearsals or performances.

Compensation: $2,700 total contract fee.

Submission deadline: Position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

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