Protest of the Object: A Curator’s Guide to Finding the Present

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Protest of the Object: A Curator’s Guide to Finding the Present

Date: Curator’s talk September 21, 2023
Time: 12noon

Protest of the Object sets out to assess the recurring esthetic values, beliefs and even omissions in the career of veteran Canadian visual arts curator Wayne Baerwaldt.

Baerwaldt’s illustrated talk identifies his ongoing urge to synthesize disciplines and mediums, to steer projects with collaborators toward  total works with extended timelines and his preference for artists producing largely experimental and experiential works. He recounts the social and political desires of his practice as they appear, however fleetingly over 35 years.

His talk ruminates on the artistic origins of a range of art projects — be it in aesthetic and stylistic origins, in terms of societal values and prejudices, in civil disobedience and civil rights, wherever we view the body as a site of social antagonism, and as a case study for struggles toward recognition and justice.

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Photo of art installation | Image credit: Jeffrey Gibson, Call and Response, 2013


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