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Puppet Creative Fund

The submission deadline for this opportunity has passed.

The Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry (CAMP) are ecstatic to announce the Puppet Creative Fund, which seeks to assist the continuous development and nurturing of professional puppeteers in Calgary.

We aspire to see more puppetry around town by providing practitioners with micro-grants to build new ideas. Our first search is for puppet makers that desire to create a travelling show. A portable show. A puppet idea that can pop up in flexible environments like at markets, in lobbies, on sidewalks, or in corners of festivals. Shows can be created out of suitcases, in old radios, from wagons or out of something entirely ridiculous. Presentations could be created around a one on one experience or toward small gatherings of people. The important part is it being mobile.

What Camp will Provide

We will be accepting up to four interested puppeteers. We will provide each person with $500 to build their idea. They will have the support of CAMP staff for creative idea development and puppet troubleshooting needs.

All projects are required to be performed during the Festival Of Animated Objects (March 13 to 17, 2019) with an additional $100 performance fee and all-access festival pass, times and frequency to be coordinated with that organization.

Send us a Submission:

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Tell us about your history, love, curiosities about puppets.
  • Tell us about a possible beginning idea you would have for a Traveling Wonder Puppet Show and what you might build it out of (we recognize that ideas can change quite dramatically during any process).
  • Tell us a secret!

Max two pages, please include a CV.

Deadline to Apply: December 10, 2018

For questions or to apply, email info@maskandpuppet.com.

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