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Request for Quotes

Animated Videos - Motion Graphic Designer/Animator Wanted

RFQ Deadline: April 15, 2024
Area: Southern Alberta

Healthy Aging Alberta (HAA) is a network of community allies for older adults. Community-based senior serving (CBSS) organizations play a critical role in supporting older adults to age well in the community by providing a broad range of non-medical services that empower them to remain as physically active, socially engaged, healthy, and independent as possible. HAA is a community-led, provincial project that focuses on developing a coordinated CBSS sector in Alberta by bringing together community-based organizations around a shared vision and framework for action. A strong and structured sector would allow CBSS organizations, which are best positioned to deliver critical services to seniors in the right place and at the right time, to do so in a better coordinated and resourced way and at a larger scale, ultimately enhancing health and wellbeing outcomes for seniors in the province.

HAA’s sector development work includes the promotion and implementation of the Healthy Aging Framework (HAF) as the standard tool for organizing programs and services of senior-serving organizations and as a shared language. The Healthy Aging Framework was developed in Alberta, based on the World Health Organization’s Social Determinants of Health and focuses on Healthy Aging in Alberta. While the HAF was developed for senior centres, the tool can be successfully utilized by all community-based organizations serving seniors.

The HAF exists in two forms, a physical deck of cards and a digital tool currently under development. As an extension of the physical deck of cards, the digital tool allows organizations to access the HAF online at any time without guidance or facilitation typically provided by an HAA team member through print materials, PowerPoints, and verbal prompts when using the physical deck of cards. The newly developed HAF digital tool will broaden HAA’s reach across the province and allow access for more organizations to utilize and socialize the HAF further into the sector.

Scope of Work

Healthy Aging Alberta is looking for a motion graphic designer/animator to develop a series of six short, 2–3-minute videos for users to better understand the Healthy Aging Framework: One introductory video of the HAF and five explanation videos of why and when organizations could start with each individual HAF component.

The Healthy Aging Framework is made up of five components:

  • Determinants of Healthy Aging are like the big buckets or categories used to organize everything.
  • Service Areas are the programs and services that organizations provide.
  • Activities are the specific things that take place as a part of a program or service.
  • Outcomes are the things we think will change for individuals as a result of the work that we’re doing.
  • Impacts, which are things we think will change overall, or more generally, as a result of the work we’re doing.

A key value of the HAF is that it’s not prescriptive: Community-based organizations have the ability to plug into the Framework at any point and populate connections between what they are doing and why they are doing it.

The HAF introductory video will give a brief, broad overview of why a Framework was created for the community-based senior serving sector, who the audience or users of the Framework could be, how the Framework could be used (e.g., strategic planning, priority setting, grant writing, evaluation), and the benefits organizations will see as a result.

The five explanation videos will walk HAF users through each component of the Framework as a starting point. For example, users may consider starting with the Impact component when working through the strategic planning process at their organization. What does that process look like? I’ve started with Impact, but which HAF component should I enter after that? Another user may be writing a grant for a new specific program or service but unsure of how to illustrate the overall impact of the activities that will take place. The user knows to start with Activity, but what does the thought process look like in order to articulate the Impact of the intended services or programs?

The successful Motion Graphic Designer/Animator will be responsible for:

  • Providing one 2 – 3 minute introductory Healthy Aging Framework video
  • Providing five 2 – 3-minute videos, one for each potential Healthy Aging Framework component starting point

Healthy Aging Alberta will be responsible for the following: Providing a template for Healthy Aging Framework illustrations, HAF background information, HAF card files, and scripts for six videos

Deliverables and Timelines:

  • Step 1 — April 2024, HAA to provide HAF illustrations, background information, HAF card files and scripts.
  • Step 2 — April 2024, Provide a work plan/timeline for the development of six videos
  • Step 3 — April 2024, Incorporate feedback and deliver the finalized videos for the HAF digital tool
Submission Requirements

Your Request for Quote (RFQ) response should include the following: Budget for the project, broken down by task and specifying rate per hour. Please specify if any of the tasks will be subcontracted.

Please also attach the following:

  • Resume — for everyone who would be working on the project, including any subcontractors
  • Sample of previous work that reflects relevant experience
  • References or testimonials from previous clients (if applicable)

RFQ Timelines

  • March 15, 2024 — RFQ Posted
  • April 15, 2024 — RFQ Submission due by 11:59pm MT
  • April17, 2024 — RFQ Selection Complete
  • April 22, 2024 — Project Launch
Submission Procedure

Please submit any inquiries, Intent to Submit notifications, and quotes electronically to: Lauren Slavik, Regional Community Developer — Southern AB, Healthy Aging Alberta, call 403.410.1833 or email

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