Research and Policy Team Lead

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Research and Policy Team Lead

Bird Creatives is hiring a research and policy team lead to continue developing a research portfolio necessary to advance areas of the creative economy at the local, provincial and national levels. This includes policy and strategy analysis, development, implementation and monitoring, and quality control (e.g., we don’t just suggest policy, we care about following up and tracking for success).

Proposed Position Title: Research and Policy Team Lead
Position Type: 30-35 hrs/week (negotiable)

Salary Range/Rate: $30-$40/hr Bird has defined pay ranges to determine compensation based on experience, education, roles and responsibilities, and other applicable factors.

Reports to: Principal consultant and other directors when necessary.
Location: Alberta-based – current team members are mostly based around Calgary and Edmonton, but we’re not urban snobs, so apply if you’re interested, wherever you call home!

We all work remotely, so access to a reliable computer and internet connection is crucial.

Read the full job description and submit your resume and cover letter to by April 23, 2023 to apply.

Review the full PDF job description attached.

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