RFP – Video Artist / Digital Storyteller

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RFP – Video Artist / Digital Storyteller

Lougheed House Reimagined is seeking a video artist/digital storyteller to lead the creative development and production of a video experience (may include AR components if applicable) to recognize and portray the history of the land underlying and surrounding Lougheed House. The video project will be presented on the lower level of the house as a means for visitors to connect to the site and its history. The lower level of the house will include various displays pertaining to pre-settlement history of this area.

Possible themes and topics might include the concept of deep time and the geologic history of the site; Indigenous histories including a nearby Middle Period bison kill site, Blackfoot winter camps, and Métis camps; and pre-settlement descriptions of the land from early European explorers and settlers.

Deadline for submissions: December 28, 2022
Full RFP: https://lougheedhouse.com/about-us/opportunities/

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