RISE UP Downtown Vibrancy Project

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RISE UP Downtown Vibrancy Project

Calling local artists, performers, presenters, venues and community groups! We want your creative projects, events and programs to transform existing venues and spaces in the downtown area — and we’ve created the RISE UP Downtown Vibrancy grant to help fund it.

Be part of the RISE UP Downtown Vibrancy Project. To apply visit forms.google.

RISE UP is searching for partners — local venues, groups or individual performers — who can produce, program and provide live arts entertainment and/or experiences to local audiences. Learning from the pandemic, we have the opportunity to reimagine downtown and how our community connects.  We believe arts and culture are at the heart of our city’s vibrancy, and when we make opportunities for artists to create, magic happens!

For more information go to visitcalgary.com/rise-up-downtown.

Apply by August 22, 2022 for up to $5,000 to activate a space or venue in downtown Calgary.

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