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Saturday Zoom

Achievement in Art Despite Hardship

Achievement in Art Despite Hardship: Madeline’s Journey Through Schizoaffective disorder, homelessness and financial struggles towards success.

Date: Saturday, January 7, 2023
Time: 1 — 2:30pm

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Location: Online via Zoom

In this artist talk, Madeline will discuss the personal barriers she has faced and how she overcame them in order to create art. Through her own experience as a self-taught artist, Madeline will share how she developed a unique style of art and discuss the process of teaching herself that skill set. Drawing from her challenging but ultimately successful journey, Madi will explain how she achieved success despite her lower socio-economic background and limited financial resources.

In addition to the difficulties associated with entering the art world, Madi will also share her journey through schizoaffective disorder and homelessness, exploring the relationship between art and these experiences. She hopes to use this discussion to motivate attendees to break down any limiting beliefs they may have and encourage them not to give up against all odds when it comes to pursuing their creative aspirations.

Drawing on her own perseverance, Madi’s talk aims to inspire those who feel defeated by life’s hardships or their own limitations. She wants to show people that success is possible when you are aware of your strengths and work hard for what you believe in. Additionally, she will offer advice for cultivating resilience which she believes is key for anyone fighting adversity or dealing with insecurity in order to truly reach their potential as an artist.

Madeline LeBlanc is an emerging artist based in Edmonton, AB. She was recently awarded the Edmonton Arts Council Trust Fund Award and Dean Scholarship to attend Rutgers University Mason Gross School of Arts BFA program. Her work has been exhibited at institutions such as The Art Gallery of Alberta, The Works International Art and Design Festival and Latitude 53. Madeline is proud to have served as the first president of the Art Gallery of Alberta Youth Council and two term Chair of Health and Wellness for the City of Edmonton Youth Council. 

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