Scenic Artist Practicum

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Scenic Artist Practicum

Under the direction and mentorship of Banff Centre’s head scenic artist, practicum participants will learn classic and modern scenic art ideas, processes, tools, and techniques.

Participants will interpret designer information and translate it into high quality finished surfaces as required for each production, in communication and collaboration with other Banff Centre departments.

The techniques, styles, materials, and finishes explored will vary due to the nature of the designs. Practicums will also be responsible in part for the organization and maintenance of the Paint department’s tools, materials, and spaces (office, workshop, and studio).

What does the Program Offer?

Practicums will gain the confidence, knowledge, and practical skills required to work as professional scenic artists. Training may include techniques for coating and painting a variety of hard, soft, and three-dimensional scenery.

The program may delve into colour matching, texture and pattern reproduction, lettering, layout, distressing, speciality paint tools use, and custom tool creation. We will prioritize health and safety as well as skills for managing scenic art spaces, resources, and timelines.

Work and learning will be well documented and participants will contribute to their portfolios. There is also often flexibility to focus on a practicum’s particular topics of interest outside of production based work.

Who Should Apply?

Ideal applicants will have completed technical theatre or fine art training that included hands-on scenic art practice, or have equivalent work experience. They should have an enthusiasm for scenic art and a curiosity to learn. Demonstrated painting ability, good hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, stamina, excellent colour perception, flexibility, and a positive attitude are all desired attributes.

Accepted applicants must provide steel-toed boots, paint appropriate work clothes and prescription eyewear that will fit under safety goggles (if required). Participants are welcome to bring their own personal tools if desired.

For more information or to apply, visit

Application Deadline: January 30, 2019
Program Dates: May 7 – August 6, 2019

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